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Masterful toy designs to encourage creative play. Well-designed, quality, sustainable toys that stimulate all the senses: see, hear, touch, feel, move, create, imagine and GROW.

A new look at PLAY!

The book, Playvolution - The Ultimate Guide to Developing Valuable Experiences Through Play is NOW AVAILABLE.


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About Straight ZigZag


We’re all about helping your child develop

with open-ended play!


Play should come naturally.

Play should be inspired.

Play should challenge their minds and imaginations.

Straight Zigzag aims to help parents locate the very best toy designs, and to find support for children who might need it. By understanding the essence of what it means to play, we can help children to develop and stretch to their ultimate potential.

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Hear what some of our clients have to say about us

Awsome open ended toys at very affordable prices. The Oogi family is our favourite!

Nellene Voster

“This range is just the best – closest thing to the LEGO kinda thing that we’ve come across.  Water play for the win and especially with these toys.  We can’t get enough of this brand- all kids need some Moluk. We want them all!”

Mari-Louise Candiotes

Justamamma blogger

We recieved our Bilibo in Febuary and I’m wondering how we managed without one on our home?


Hamish uses it inside,  as a tunnel, as a container for water and sensory play, to sit in. He uses it outside for gross motor play and to mix up the perfect mixture of mud. He uses it in the bath as a pirate ship and in the shower to save water. It has been a mountain and a car, a house for snails and after months of being dragged, pulled, thrown, climbed on and used in a multitude of boy play scenarios its proven to be durable.


He takes it everywhere.

Judy MacGregor

Funmamma SA blogger

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