Your pocket or your conscience?

We all know times are tough.  We are all parents who want to give our kids the best possible opportunities, right?  At what cost?

Last week I was contacted by one of our biggest supporters and fellow mommy bloggers.  She was in a large retail store and found something that looked like Moluk’s Oogi, but wasn’t.  It was combined with a similarly designed toy by one of their competitors, used their same marketing photos, but cost a fraction of the price.  What was going on?

Unfortunately South Africa, as the rest of the world, is plagued by cheap rip offs of products.  We can’t seem to stop them from entering the market, and patents only protect so much.  So why should we as parents pay more when we could be paying so much less and keep our kids happy?

1.Design and Safety

All of Moluk’s toys have been carefully designed, with your child in mind.  The ideas come from a place of supporting open-ended play, and providing your child with a multi-dimensional toy that will evolve into different things as your child grows.  Swiss design means exceptionally high standards, as we know.  And with that comes compliance to international safety standards.  Did you know that the size of the hand, the thickness of the silicon and the manufacturing process all have to meet certain requirements before the toys can be sold?  Toy safety standards also have an impact on the age for which a specific toy is recommended.  When you buy the original product, you know that your child’s best interests are at the forefront of the design, before any profit can even be considered.

2. Sustainability
Did you know that Moluk was featured at Design Week Milan in April 2018, and they were part of Play It Green, an exhibition by afilii about sustainable toys during Kind & Jugend Fair in Cologne.   Sustainability has always been an essential concern when they develop toys. They use recyclable plastics and avoid any painted parts or composite materials. No PVC, no phthalates, no BPA. The resources and energy it takes to produce a toy always stand in relation to the play value and years of use you get out of it. Moluk toys have a stellar track record in this regard and a minimal ecological footprint.

3. Supporting local

We know that this is such a wonderful community of mommy bloggers, all trying to do the best for their kids.  In the end, supporting a local business that believes in only the best quality, rather than a cheap knock off comes down to your conscience.  There will always be a market for cheap toys unfortunately.  But what are you exposing your children to?  Who is getting the credit for someone else’s hard work?  If you cannot support the original designer and legal imports, why not use the principles of the design to do some homemade crafts this Christmas, and create your own figurines for your kids.  While this will be a lovely bonding time for your children and enhance their creativity, you will also know that you are supporting fair trade, ethical business principles and local entrepreneurs.

It’s up to you!  We can only survive on the loyalty of our customers to the brand and all that we stand for.  Moluk and Straight Zigzag promise to never compromise on quality, sustainability and ethical business practices. We all stand together!

Note: if you should come across counterfeit versions of any of our toys, please pop me a message at  Will be much appreciated 🙂